How to Create a Sustainable Beauty Routine.

Plastic, plastic everywhere…

With all the disturbing news recently about recycling and the problems we are facing trying to be a sustainable planet, the beauty industry has to undergo some changes. Here at Flora we are striving to be as green as possible without compromising safety and effectiveness of our precious ingredients.

Here’s some tips to keep your beauty regime as green and clean as possible.

Protect our oceans!

Make sure you are not using any products containing plastic micro beads, common in face scrubs, which end up in our oceans and lakes. Avoid products containing polyethylene and polypropylene. Other ingredients thought to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms and common in beauty products, are silicone based compounds. Our bare ylang ylang face scrub is an effective exfoliant combining cranberry fibres, apricot seeds and jojoba beads to naturally remove dry, dead skin cells and is completely biodegradable.


Recycle, Re-use, Repeat…

The top materials to recycle are aluminum and glass. Both are endlessly recyclable without loss in quality or purity. Even better, recycling aluminum cans and containers into new cans takes 95% less energy than making brand new ones! And recycled glass versus virgin glass saves 50% energy and creates 20% less air pollution and energy and 50% less water pollution! Here at Flora you will find that most of our products are in either glass or aluminum containers, naturally we chose them for their sustainability but also because there is no danger of leaching toxins into the product contained within. We strive to use as little plastic as hygienically possible. You won’t find any wasteful boxes, leaflets or cellophane either.


Be ethically creative!

Try other ways to re-cycle your glass or aluminum containers:

How about a beautiful vase, candle holder or travel container for or other make-up?

It is our goal to eventually have a refill centre but at this time we don’t have the facility to sterilize bottles and jars.


Buy Larger Sizes.

This way your product will last longer and over time you’ll be using way less packaging. Why not upgrade to Flora’s large body butters and scrubs? Double the size in our beautiful glass jars!

Do not buy a new cream until you’ve finished your last. As tempting as this may be, think of all the creams you’ve purchased out of excitement and either never used or left your old cream to wither away under the bathroom sink!


Say no to single use make-up removers.

Use face cloths to remove make-up instead of cotton pads or wasteful cleansing wipes. Our cleansers work brilliantly with muslin cloths, we use castor and sunflower oils for their natural ability to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin and floral waters (not just water) for added cleansing and soothing properties.

Spray your toner directly onto your skin instead of using cotton pads. Try our rose and cucumber or champa toners which can also be used as a setting spray for make-up or our lavender and rosemary toner great for refreshing combination or oily skins.

Use a skincare line that respects our planet and your skin.

While we are all about saving our planet, don’t forget your skin! Choose a line that has clean organic ingredients, with no chemical fragrance, fillers or animal derivatives but that actually works and makes your skin look and feel amazing. Any hints…Flora.

Love Flora x

Sarah Haaf